CB-3A4080-2L   CB-3A4080-2
The cross and longitudinal feed employs 12mm non-contact circular proximity sensor for direction change. Its outstanding dust-proof and water-proof performance is superior to another direction change device.   The cross and longitudinal slideways are double "V" shape structure. Special angle design combined with extra wide way surfaces significantly upgrade moving stability and loading capacity. Another benefit is friction coefficient is reduced by 30% Specially designed dust guard may fully prevent dusts from entering into slideways.
CB-3A4080-3   CB-3A4080-4
The spindle head is well balanced on the column. The ball screw is located at the center of column and the spindle head with weight ratio 5:4. The end face of the spindle head is precision scraped, and is precision mounted when installing the spindle. This will prevent spindle from deformation due to stress.   Y.Z-axis are transmitted through 32mm diameter, class C3 precision ball screws with double nuts.
CB-3A4080-5   CB-3A4080-6
The vertical feed is driven by a 0.75kw servo motor. It drives the precision ground worm through backlash-free coupling, that drives a phosphor bronze worm gear. The worm/worm gear set drives the ball screw for vertical feed, that allows for 1um micrometric feed.   Rigid structural parts may effectively disperse all reaction force, while absorbing vibration during moving. For mirror-effect grinding on high-hardness materials, such as SKD-11 and tungsten carbide, there is great resistance of grinding. However this machine has been tested to achieve surface roughness of Ra0.015um.


MODEL CB-3A4080 CB-4080ASD CB-4080NC
Table sizes   400x800mm   400x800mm   400x800mm
Longitudinal travel   900mm   900mm   900mm
Cross travel   450mm   450mm   450mm
Spindle center to table surface   615mm   615mm   615mm
Magnetic chuck sizes   400x800mm   400x800mm   400x800mm
Longitudinal Feed      
Manual travel   930mm   930mm   930mm
Automatic travel   910mm   910mm   910mm
Table traverse rate   5~25M/min   5~25M/min   5~25M/min
Cross Feed      
Manual travel   470mm   470mm   470mm
Automatic travel   450mm   450mm   450mm
Automatic feed (variable)   0.5~10mm   0.5~10mm   0~50mm
Hand wheel per revolution   5mm   5mm   MPG *1=0.1mm,
  *10=1mm, *100=10mm
Hand wheel per graduation   0.02mm   0.02mm   MPG *1=0.001mm,
  *10=0.01mm, *100=0.1mm
Rapid traverse feed   1000mm/min   1000mm/min   MPG
Vertical Feed      
Hand wheel per revolution

  *1=0.1mm, *10=1mm, *20=2mm

Hand wheel per graduation

*1=0.001mm, *10=0.01mm, *20=0.02mm

Rapid traverse feed   500mm/min   500mm/min   MPG
Automatic feed   --   0.001~0.099mm   NC
Grinding Wheel      
Grinding wheel sizes   355x50x127 mm   355x50x127 mm   355x50x127 mm
Spindle speed (rpm) 1720(60hz)/1425(50hz) 1720(60hz)/1425(50hz) 1720(60hz)/1425(50hz)
Spindle motor   7.5 HP   7.5 HP   7.5 HP
Hydraulic motor   3 HP   3 HP   3 HP
Gross feed drive   1/5 HP   1/5 HP Servo motor 0.5kw
Vertical feed drive Servo motor 0.75kw Servo motor 0.75kw Servo motor 0.75kw
Net wet (Approx)   3600 kgs   3600 kgs   3600 kgs
Gross weight (Approx)   3850 kgs   3850 kgs   3850 kgs
Packing Dimensions    2900x2200x2240mm 2900x2200x2240mm   2900x2200x2240mm
Total Rated Horsepower   12 HP   12 HP   12 HP
Above information are for reference only, The machine design, specifications and construction are subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Equipment
1. YZball screw
2. Water-Repellent shield
3. Splash guard
4. Wheel and wheel flange
5. Wheel extractor with wrench


Wheel balancing stand with arbor
7. Diamond dresser and base
8. Quartz work light
9. Leveling screws with pads
10. Tool box with service tools
Optional Equipment
1. Electric magnetic chuck
2. Demagnetizer
3. Roller type balancing stand
4. Wheel flange
5. Motor 10HP
6. Frequency changer
7. Digital readout
8. Coolant system
9. Coolant system with manual paper feeding devic
10. Auto paper feeding device with magnetic separator
11. Oil cooler
12. Hydrostatic bearing spindle

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