Surface Grinding Machine

CB-3060 ASD Three Axes Fully Automatic Surface Grinding Machine
Automatic vertical feed is driven by a stepping motor. Once the set value for automatic grinding finished, grinding wheel stops feeding, then performs polishing, when polishing finished, table stops automatically and the grinding wheel returns to the home point.

CB-3060 3A Hydralilic Precision Surface Grinding Machine
Automatic longitudinal and cross feed with rapid vertical traverse.

Construction and Features

  • The major structural parts are manufactured form high quality cast iron, featuring high rigidity, deformation-free and maximum stability.
  • All slideways are precision scraped and coated with wear-resistant media for extremely smooth motion and lifetime accuracy.
  • The spindle has a labyrinth circulation design, and is water-resistant and dust-resistant. The wheel flange and spindle is properly assembled to prevent coolant from entering into the spindle service life.
  • The vertical feed is powered by a motor, permitting rapid traverse to imcrease efficiency.
  • The cross feed is transmitted through precision ball screw, and driven by a special motor to assure maximum smoothness of movement.
  • The double-unit type automatic lubrication system provides for minimized parts wear while ensuring the machining accuracy.
  • All switches are centralized on a control panel, which is mounted on a pendant arm for convenient operation and avoiding coolant entering.

Setting Automatic Grinding on ASD Models

  • Feed times 1~99 times
  • Feed each time (0.001~0.099mm)
  • polish grinding ( 1~10 times )


CB-3060-1   CB-3060-3
Automatic Lubrication System   Cross Movement Adjustment
  • Employs double pumps to perform continuous lubrication, during operation, all slideways are lubricated automatically for extending the machine service life.
  • Extra large lubrication oil tank provides effective cooling for heat generated by movement friction, and oil is recirculated.
  • The double knobs combined with ergonmical principle design provides added adjustment convenience and operation smoothness.
  • The built-in switch box not only protects the electronic components, but also prevents coolant from entering.
CB-3060-2   CB-3060-4
Elevation Transmission   Cross Feed Transmission and Fluid Return
  • The large graduated collar is easy to read. The micrometric adjustment device is easy to operate with graduation in 0.001 (0.005").
  • The cross feed is transmitted through a high precision ball screw, assuring high accuracy of feeding and smooth movement.
  • The centralzed return flow design for grinding fluid on base facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Column and Saddle

  • The column is an oversized structure with increased high, The honeycomb type high rigidity structure may reduce resonance to a minimum while upgrading stability in heavy duty machining.
  • Powerful 7.5HP spindle motor provides added grinding capability and high efficienty.
  • The fluid return tank for the saddle is increased in depth and width, allowing for smooth fluid return without dust deposit problem.
  • The slideways on table and saddle are designed with a labyrinth shape. It prevents cutting fluid from entering into the machine and ensures the machine life and and machining quality.



MODEL CB-3A3060 CB-3060ASD
Table sizes   300x650mm   300x650mm
Longitudinal travel   680mm   680mm
Cross travel   320mm   320mm
Spindle center to table surface   600mm   600mm
Magnetic chuck sizes   300x600mm   300x600mm
Longitudinal Feed    
Manual travel   750mm   750mm
Automatic travel   700mm   700mm
Table traverse rate   5~25M/min   5~25M/min
Cross Feed    
Manual travel   350mm   350mm
Automatic travel   310mm   310mm
Automatic feed (variable)   0.5~10mm   0.5~10mm
Hand wheel per revolution   5mm   5mm
Hand wheel per graduation   0.02mm   0.02mm
Micrometric adjustment par revolution   0.2mm   0.2mm
Micrometric adjustment par graduation   0.001mm   0.001mm
Vertical Feed    
Hand wheel per revolution   1 mm   1 mm
Hand wheel per graduation   0.005 mm   0.005 mm
Micrometric adjustment par revolution   0.2mm   0.2mm
Micrometric adjustment par graduation   0.001mm   0.001mm
Automatic feed  (ASD)   --   0.001~0.099mm
Grinding Wheel    
Grinding wheel sizes   355x50x127 mm   355x50x127 mm
Spindle speed (rpm)   1720(60hz)/1425(50hz)   1720(60hz)/1425(50hz)
Spindle motor   7.5 HP   7.5 HP
Hydraulic motor   3 HP   3 HP
Gross feed drive   1/5 HP   1/5 HP
Vertical feed drive   1/5 HP   1/5 HP
Net wet (Approx)   2400 kgs   2400 kgs
Gross weight (Approx)   2650 kgs   2650 kgs
Packing Dimensions  ( LxWxH )   2240x2160x2240mm   2240x2160x2240mm
Total Rated Horsepower   11 HP   11 HP
Above information are for reference only, The machine design, specifications and construction are subject to change without prior notice.
Standard Equipment
1. Ball screw on cross feed
2. Vertical feed micrometric adjustment device
3. Adjustable demagnetizer
4. Wheel and wheel flange
5. Wheel extractor with wrench
6. Wheel balancing stand with arbor
7. Diamond dresser and base
8. Quartz work light
9. Splash guard
10. Leveling screws with pads
11. Lifting bolt.
12. Tool box with service tools
Optional Equipment
1. Fix type electro magnetic chuck
2. Fine mesh electro magnetic chuck.
3. Automatic paper filter with coolant device
4. Manual parallel dresser
5. Roller type balancing stand
6. Wheel flange
7. Motor 10HP
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